Benefits of Epoxy Flooring in Jacksonville

Does your garage or work space need a practical face-lift? Epoxy Flooring in Jacksonville homes is a smart solution. In case you haven’t heard, epoxy flooring is a surface that consists of multiple layers of strong plastic like material that is applied to the floor. The flooring is usually a depth of at least two millimeters

There are many benefits to making the switch to epoxy flooring. Jacksonville get ready to change the way you view garage flooring.

Increase the Value of Your Home

When it comes time to sell your home, having an epoxy surface in your garage can actually increase the value of your home. Epoxy floors catch the buyers eye with its high gloss shine and variety of colors and styles. Making room in your remodel budget for epoxy flooring could be a smart investment.

Easy Clean Up

An epoxy surface is great for even the messiest of places. Dirt, debris and spills are easily wiped of the smooth epoxy surface.

Not Just for the Garage

Epoxy Flooring is versatile and a perfect fit for a number of locations because of its durability. Workshops, warehouses, sheds and factories to name a few.  Get creative with where you can put your epoxy flooring!


Worried about the wear and tear that inevitably happens in your garage? Consider epoxy flooring. Jacksonville weather, chemicals, heavy use and high traffic will have nothing on your garage’s epoxy flooring. In addition to protecting your garage floor from the elements, this surface doesn’t chip or peel.

Have Your Epoxy Flooring in 24 hours

Once the epoxy is applied it takes 1 day to cure. Your garage will be back and functioning in a jiff. In no time you will be enjoying your new, practical epoxy flooring.

Make the investment and have a brand new epoxy floor installed in your space! Check out this garage flooring in Jacksonville and start making plans for your epoxy flooring today!