Transform Your Garage With The Jacksonville Garage Flooring Homeowners Love

What’s worse than a gray, stained concrete garage floor? An old stained, smelly carpeted garage floor! If you plan to use your garage for its intended use – a home for your car – carpet is the last thing you want beneath wheels and potential leaks. Carpet absorbs and retains dirt and odors, making an enclosed space like a garage unpleasant. For a garage, you want a smooth, waterproof and stain proof surface that will maintain its beauty and functionality for years to come.

We found these homeowners with a 12-year-old carpeted garage. It was not in good condition and the homeowners were ready for a new beautiful and functional garage floor. We were able to provide just what they needed with our Jacksonville garage flooring options.

After lifting the carpet, we found multiple large cracks and a hole where an old AC unit had been. This was a big job, but not too big for us to handle.

Our first preparation step was to grind the floor using our diamond profiling process which leaves a porous surface for the polyurea to better bond to. We then repaired the cracks with a product that expands in the cracks to fill all voids. Lastly, we thoroughly removed all dust and debris.

We applied a base coat with pigment and flakes to create the Desert Sand finish in this garage. After the base coat set, we blew away any loose chips and hand-ground the entire surface in 2 directions. Our last step was adding the final polyurea top coat with no pigment.

Jacksonville garage flooring

The homeowners were very pleased with the outcome. All the cracks and the large pit was repaired and they were left with a beautiful, smooth garage floor that will not absorb stains and odors.

With our Jacksonville garage flooring options, you can have the garage floor you’ve always wanted and be the envy of the neighborhood.

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