Very glad I did not attempt to coat garage floor via generic epoxy DIY kit. Dan & Champion conducted such an exceptional job with the polyurea coating system. They were curt, professional and timely with execution; 1.5 days. No hassles, no gimmicks & no hidden surprises with the estimated quote, which was the final pricing. The quality of work was superb and I’m sure our garage’s flooring will last a very long time as long as we maintain a minimal standard of upkeep (sweeping/vacuuming) and basic common sense to care. Also to note, while working, Dan & Champion took the time to protect our driveway / property by laying down tarp for their tools, equipment and material; without question. Little nuances like that and attention to details seems harder to come by nowadays from contractors, without the homeowner initiating the conversation first. In other words, I didn’t have to say anything, their quality assurance is self-initiated. Lastly, it was great that either of the two were more than willing to stop what they doing at the moment and politely answer my multitude of questions during the different stages of prep, cleaning, base coating, flaking and overlayment (clear gloss).
Bottom line: I’m a very satisfied customer and will definitely be referring any chance I get. Thank you very much to an exceptional job, well done!

TerryJacksonville, FL